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Having been in the Phoenix area for the last 47 years and the last 43 of those as a General Contractor, I feel compelled to write to exclaim my astonishment as to the voracity of your firm. Skytop installed the roof to the house that I built in 2006. During these last 8 years or so you have serviced this roof in outstanding fashion, never giving up on the coating problem that turned out to be manufacturer caused.

Eric has represented Skytop in admiral professional fashion. Your company has now after 9 years and some months has returned to recoat my entire roof with a matrix to assure a lasting project. Bravo.

The technician workers sent to the house were knowledgeable and very respectful not to mention hard working, you should be proud.

I recommend Skytop for any project they may be considered for and remain available at the number for any discussion on this reputable company.

I would like to officially comment on the performance of SUNVEK, Inc., with whom I contracted on March 14, 2005 to re-roof my residence. It took a while to test the integrity of their work due to the dry spell Phoenix has experienced, but when a couple of leaks finally materialized, SUNVEK responded promptly. The source of the leak was in an area that had leaked previously and gave the appearance of being suitable for a simple overcoat, so I do not challenge SUNVEK’s workmanship for the problem. The thing that was so unique was the attitude displayed by all of SUNVEK’s employees to solve the problem. It was as though they were shocked and personally embarrassed that their performance may be inconveniencing me. And they responded accordingly.
I spent an entire career in procurement. It is a ‘given’ that despite the best laid plans, a falure will occur now and then. The variable is the supplier’s response to the problem. Unfortunately it sometimes comes in various degrees of denial. But certainly not in this instance. SUNVEK’s positive response was so refreshing I felt it necessary to commend them.
I am so happy that I chose them to do my work.

This company was previously Skytop Roofing. They installed my foam roof in 2003 on a spec house I purchased. After 3 or 4 years they returned at my request for an inspection ad said it was still in very good condition. this year I knew it was time for some repairs and coating. I could not find their card or phone number so I called 2 other roofers for repairs and coating. One company did the repairs for 1200.00. They both had given me estimates for coating that I thought were a bit too much. Finally I called SUNVEK and discovered it was a name change from Skytop. The estimator came out and sent me a quote within 6 hours. They were also the most reasonable and $1000.oo less than the other 2. They came the following monday and did all the repairs the other company had done wrong. They refoamed the bad spots , sanded them off and power washed the roof. The following wed. they sprayed on the bright white coating and back rolled the roof. There was no mess what so ever, and everything was cleaned up and hauled away. I have been a contractor all of my life (electrical) and do not recommend a contractor unless I have a very good experience with them. This company is that good. 100% satisfied and highly recommend.

The company did a fantastic job. They showed up on time and the adjuster felt the bid was in reason. I would refer them to my best friends and neighbors.

My favorite CopperPlus project was provided by Skytop, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ. The home is in Desert Mountain, AZ. One photo doesn’t do justice to this installation. You have to see this home from all sides to fully appreciate it.

Thanks for the wonderful work completed by Jason and his assistants. They did a beautiful job that will always be treasured. Jason is a hard working, extremely skilled Copper installer. We really appreciated having him complete our project.

Great experience! I had been looking to re-roof after hail damage. Being out of state, had a hard time finding a contractor let alone one who was fully licensed and had workman’s comp. The entire project from start to finish was handled with promptness and thoroughness. Their communication was excellent, and the work was above average. Highly recommend!

Since SUNVEK foamed the roof of my home, my electric bills have dropped by anywhere from $33-40 per month compared to the prior year, and it feels better in the house, along with being quieter. The temperature remains more constant, so my home feels more comfortable. The SUNVEK crew did a wonderful job on my roof.


I felt I had to add a note to tell you how pleased I was with your company and service. From my first panic-stricken call to the final cleanup, I was pleasantly surprised. Considering the problem to be a crisis I quickly chose your name from the Yellow Pages, with no past experience with roofing matters. I’m glad I did. You kept me up-to-date cheerfully and, once the rain stopped, the work was done quickly and efficiently. This is just a big “Thank You” from a satisfied customer. I will recommend you to my friends

I had SUNVEK fix and recoat roofs of three of my rental properties. The roof consultant was great – very thorough and took the time to explain the scope of the work to be done. A production manager walked the roof, and talked with me about the roofing process, answering the questions I had. The work crew cleaned the flat roofs, removed blisters in the foam and filled them in, then ground down the high areas in the roofs. After the preparation and repair work, the crews coated the roofs with two layers of elastomeric coating, and now the roofs look like new again.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am completely satisfied with every aspect of this roof repair process. First, I want to commend Mike Townsend for his ability to communicate clearly, to act professional in every aspect, and to follow up on promises made. This is the second roof repair in the last year and each time he has been a joy to work with.
Thank you for taking care of all the problems – so far, so good!
The gentleman that took care of repairs and painting in the laundry area did a great job – we’re pleased. It’s nice doing business with people that stand behind their work.

Dear Risto;

I just wanted o compliment your organization; specifically Dan. He is one of the most conscientious contractors I have had the pleasure of working with lately. He has gone above and beyond to repair the inferior previous work on the walk-deck, and obviously takes great pride in what he does. His workmanship is top quality and I really appreciate it. You and the rest of your team were communicative and did a great job. Ben showed as scheduled and he and his helper made every effort to complete the roof coating efficiently and aesthetically. Because of the workmanship of Dan and your team, I intend to use your company again on a home I am breaking ground on next month

Dear Mr. Skoog;

We met at my property in Las Palomas about March 20th 2013. I had called about a roof leak. Your company had performed a re-roofing on the homes in the development after the gigantic hailstorm had damaged all the roofs in the development. So I called SUNVEK about the leak.

You appeared to evaluate and/or repair the leak as necessary. As it turned out, after a brief inspection, you determined the leak was the result of leaves blocking one of the scuppers which was supposed to allow the drainage of water from the roof. The water, blocked from appropriate drainage, backed up inside the scupper, rising to an internal level higher than the scuppers seal system. Woe was me!

So, this letter is a delayed THANK YOU. Although the leak had nothing to do with the re-roofing work your company had performed, you did a thorough investigation of the scupper seals, the leak, and assured me to worry not. You told me as long as you were here, you would, if possible, remediate the problem. And so it appears,… fix it you did!

You climbed to the roof, spent over about an hour clearing assorted debris the scuppers, Cutting and trimming old failed sealant from the scuppers, and re-calked all the flashing inside the scupper.

Though I offered, you refused any payment for service. And…again…none of the roofs leak issues were your responsibility. None!… But that didn’t matter to you. You were there, had the tools and know- how, and provided……care and repair. Again, THANK YOU.

It has been my experience, most businesses seek ways to dodge responsibilities after they have received payment. Not you, not SUNVEK. I was more than impressed.

And….I feel I had an enjoyable conversation with you about our respective children and the joy of engaging in activities with our children. So, you also provided me with a most pleasurable 1-1.5 hours conversation. THANK YOU! yet again.

I have told this story to my Realtor, and through her, an office full of other Realtors…. The story of my scupper repair, the good cheer in which the repair was provided, and about the man of notable internal ethic who owns the company…who showed up himself because his roof technicians were all committed to other work. WOW! …I have recommended that SUNVEK be listed on all that offices’ Realtor personnel rolodex’s for any issue of roofing for all their clientele.


To ensure the safety of our customers SUNVEK performs criminal background checks and drug tests on employees.