SUNVEK is owned by two brothers, Eric and Bill Skoog. Started in 2001 as Skytop, Inc., we originally focused on new custom homes. As the residential market boomed, we grew right along with it, hiring additional work crews as needed. We installed tile, slate, foam, metal and shingles on both new and existing structures. In 2006, as the new housing market began to decline, we actively moved into the re-roofing market, and later acquired rights to the name “SUNVEK”. Because SUNVEK is so well known, we elected to do business under that name.

Today most of our work is in the area of residential and commercial re-roofing and maintenance. We replace tile underlayment, install new shingle roofs, replace or recoat existing foam roofs, and perform general roof maintenance. We still install tile, and for commercial roofs also install TPO. We have thousands of customers across the Valley, and continue to grow as the service needs increase.

Eric Skoog serves the company as President. He is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Eric previously worked in public accounting and corporate restructuring, and uses that background in guiding the company in day-to-day activities. Bill Skoog has worked in the roofing industry for almost 25 years, starting out as one of SUNVEK’s original employees. Bill serves the company as General Manager, overseeing work schedules and ensuring that materials are ordered.



• The signed contract is recorded as a job in our computer system and a job file is set up.                      
Your down payment is recorded and deposited
• The job file is given to a Production Manager to pre-check your roof and determine what 
materials will be needed to properly complete the contract. The pre-check is typically done within a week of receipt of the contract
• Materials are ordered and the work is scheduled
• A crew may be scheduled to clean or remove your existing roof system (known as a “tear-off”). 
• Where tear-offs are involved, this may delay actual work since we contract with other companies to do full tear-offs. They have the specialized equipment, trained personnel and insurance for this type of work.
• This is followed by a crew that prepares your roof for installation of the new roof. This might include the supplier delivering and loading material on your roof.
• The scheduled roof work is done
• An invoice and warranty are issued for the work performed
• A Production Manager or the estimator with whom you originally met walks the roof to ensure that the work is complete
• Final payment is received for the work performed

Our goal is to complete work on your roof correctly the first time we are there, with minimal interruption to your routine. Should something not go right, and this sometimes happens, we will do what we can to correct the situation. We’ve been fortunate to have customers who are willing to work with us to get the work done right on their roofs. We certainly appreciate referrals and the letters of appreciation we receive from satisfied customers. SUNVEK is a family-owned and operated roofing company. As our motto states, we focus on “installing quality, one roof at a time…across the Valley!” We are not perfect, but we will do what we say. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the value of your investment, whether your home or your business. Our crews have an excellent work ethic and are proud of the quality of their work.

To ensure the safety of our customers SUNVEK performs criminal background checks and drug tests on employees.